School English Days


The annual English Day of St.Sylvester's College, Kandy

Overcoming great trials and tribulations, the English Literary Association of St.Sylvester’s College successfully held its English Day on the 14th of October, 2022. For the first time, AISELA graced their English Day. It was a great pleasure for us. The President, Pavith Pethiyagoda; Asst. Secretary, Thavinsa Karandawala; Chief Editor, Sachinthani Ketakumbura; Content Editor, Lisath Fonseka; and Executive Editor, Parindi Dharmawardane represented AISELA at this prestigious event. Aptly named “MELIORA ’22,” it was certainly a brilliant effort to promote the English Language and Literature among schools in Kandy.

aisela english days
aisela english days
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The annual English Day of D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo

The annual English Day of D.S.Senanayake College, Colombo, was successfully held on the 15th of August from 3 pm onwards. Following the English Day celebrations, Aurora’22 also consisted of the inauguration ceremony of the English Literary Association, where the board of officials for the years 2022/2023 was appointed. The English Literary Association, which was led by the presidency of Puthun Waidyaratne, the Secretary of the All Island Schools’ English Literary Association, was handed over to the new board of officials led by the presidency of Nadin Dharamawardena -during the prestigious event. Mr. Ravi Gunawardane, the CEO of ELSL and advisor to AISELA, took the stage as the chief guest, whereas Sahein Wijeyeratne, the head of Public Relations at AISELA graced the occasion as the representative of the All island Schools’ English Literary Association. 


The annual English Day of St. Anthony's College Kandy.

Ebullience’22 took place with the lingering spirits of Halloween happily haunting the premises. Staying true to their theme, Halloween filled with exuberance, it was indeed a pleasure to witness the immense skills and talents of the organizing committee and the participants. Also by bringing together many other schools to be a part of this wonderful event, the committee of the English Club and Speech Club of the school did a great service on behalf of building a community around English language and Literature. President, Pavith Pethiyagoda; Assistant Secretary, Thavinsa Karadawala; Chief Editor, Sachinthani Ketakumbura, and Executive Editor, Parindi Dharmawardena, represented AISELA for this fun-filled event.

aisela english days

The annual English Day of Dharmaraja College, Kandy

On the 10th of January 2023, the English Literary and Drama Association of Dharmaraja College enacted the annual English Day as a physical gathering after three years. Adding to the spirit of dedication and teamwork, the event was glamorized with a perfect ambience to award the young students for their achievements in both intra-school and inter-school competitions, including the All Island English competition hosted by AISELA, Eloquence’22. The President of AISELA, Pavith Pethiyagoda alongside our Content Editor, Lisath Fonseka erstwhile executive committee members of the English Literary and Drama Association of Dharmaraja College, represented AISELA on this momentous occasion.

aisela english days


The annual English Day of Gothami Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo

8th of November, 2022 was a special day for all the students of Gothami Balika Vidyalaya Colombo, as they celebrated their English Day.Adroitly named Spiritus’22, the event was certainly a spirited and a fresh breath needed to promote the English Language and Literature.Secretary, Puthun Waidyaratne; Media Coordinator, Virul Abeysinghe; and the Head of Public Relations, Sahein Wijeyeratne, represented AISELA for this brilliant event. It was delightful to be a part of this amazing event.

aisela english days

The annual English Day of Sirimavo Bandaranayake Vidyalaya, Colombo

The English Day of the Literary Association of Sirimavo Bandaranayake Vidyalaya was held successfully on the 23rd of February 2023. With the entertaining items that filled their stage covering all aspects of singing, dancing, and acting, the audience was awed by the talents displayed by the students. The effort and dedication put into organizing this glorious event by the committee members of the English Literary Association are commendable and praiseworthy. The President of AISELA, Pavith Pethiyagoda; Chief Editor, Sachinthani Ketakumbura and Media Coordinator, Virul Abeysuriya consider it our pleasure to grace this occasion representing AISELA on this inspiring day.


The annual English Day of Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo.

Earendel ’23 held on the 14th of August 2023 was a resounding success, with all participants thoroughly enjoying the festivities. It was inspiring to witness the students’ confidence and self-assurance as they walked into the spotlight. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as students showcased their talents, bringing the stage to life. The performances were a testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of all involved, creating a memorable experience for everyone present. Content Editor, Ishqa Fazal along with the Executive Editor, Joshua Fernando represented AISELA on this glamorous occasion. It was indeed a spectacular event filled with excitement and creative energy.


The annual English Day of Mahanama College, Colombo.

The 22nd of September, 2023 marked Rococo ’23, the Annual English Day at Mahanama College, Colombo, which was a true spectacle. The extraordinary amount of preparation and dedication that went into the extravaganza was visible in the stunning performances. It was remarkable to see the students’ exceptional enthusiasm and passion for the English Language, which made the entire experience delightful. As representatives of AISELA, President Leshan Devanarayana, and Vice President Jetha Nanayakkare were thrilled to witness an event of such magnitude.

The annual English Day of Dharmaraja College, Kandy.

The annual English Day event at Dharmaraja College, Kandy, held on the 26th of September, 2023 was a remarkable display of sheer talent and creativity. The students showcased a myriad of skills that left the entire audience in absolute awe. From powerful oratory to soulful music and evocative dramatic performances, the students exhibited remarkable aptitude and passion towards the English language. As a witness to this grand affair, the AISELA team was elated at the opportunity to connect with these exceptionally talented individuals. We felt privileged to be part of this event and to witness the magic that the Rajans of this august college created on stage. Vice Secretary Thyba Fahry, Treasurer Nethya Senadhi and former Vice Secretary Thavinsa Karandawala represented AISELA on this momentous occasion.