A word after a word after a word is power.
– Margaret Atwood

Vinoli Thasara Galagedara
Olchfa Sixth Form, Swansea, UK

The Last Journey

“This is the pre-flight announcement for flight 13AB to London…”
Well, it was my first experience in an aeroplane. I grabbed my earpods and started listening to a music, while enjoying the splendid scenery outside the window.
“Daddy, I wanna sit near the window… I want the window…” the miserable kid next to me started to scream and interrupt my peace. Her face was covered with curls of hair, while her teary eyes were staring at me in hatred.
“Sir, could you please give the seat to my daughter? It’s her first flight today…” The Indian next to me, who was also her father asked me in a polite and calm voice.
“Give me the seat…” This time her tone made my blood boil.
“NO. This is my first flight as well. I need this seat.” I said firmly in a deep voice. All the other passengers were looking back at me as I were the villain of the scene. I ignored them and went back to my imaginary world while plugging in my ear pods.
A short while after the plane took off, dark black clouds swallowed the blue sky symbolizing a gale. I didn’t care about that much and in the next few minutes, I was drowning in a deep sleep.
“Oh… Jesus…Save us…….”
I woke up immediately with a deafening scream of an old lady. Everyone in the areoplane was wailing and sobbing. Some were praying while some were phoning their loved ones. The air hostesses were busy calming down the passengers and giving first aid to the people who are having panic attacks. At the very first moment I was in a complete confusion after witnessing their bizarre behavior.
“What’s going over here?”
“We are inside a storm… This plane is gonna crash in few minutes…” The Indian guy next to me replied in a pale voice. It seems like he had lost all his hopes to survive. He is surely being worried about her daughter’s safety.
“Daddy… I don’t wanna die yet… I’ll be a good girl…Don’t let angels take me away from you…” She threw her arms around her father’s neck and they both continued to cry together.
I felt like I’d made a terrible mistake. I was so selfish that I didn’t give my seat to a small kid next to me, who was crying her heart off because of that. I feel so ashamed about my own behavior. It was her first flight. Now it seems like it would be her last flight as well.
While I was drowning in guilt, on a battle field against my own thoughts, and fighting for my life, the plane inclined to one side. Everybody knew that the plane would crash in the next few minutes. In the next instant, I felt dizzy and I guess I fainted.
“Sir, can you hear me?” The surroundings were calm and quiet when I opened my eyes.
“Sir, you faced a plane crash and you were in a coma for two years. Hopefully, you are the only survivor from that crash…
Well, I didn’t expect that at all. The whole two years of my lifetime are totally gone, but still, I’m surviving.
“Your father has been waiting for you outside, for all these two years…”

The moral of the story:  Always help others, wherever you get a chance, for nobody knows when your own journey of life will come to an end.

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