“ The purpose of poetry is to restore to mankind the possibility to wonder. ”
Octavio Paz

A Fox born to a Deer

~Ama Chethana of Viharamahadevi Balika Vidyalaya, Kiribathgoda

It was a rainy day 
when I was wondering
why did she never leave
like others do 
why didn’t she stop fighting
to protect me, us
from the raging forest
around us 
were growing
why not stop 
why not 
why not leave 
why not.

I murmured
aren’t you tired 
the fight you keep up
won’t last forever
that puts me up to 
that I must fulfill 
to protect her 
with all my strength 
when she’s at a push

If this weren’t the
you were to leave us
all by ourselvesin the dark
I could have been the 
with no responsibility
and no duty
to hold

YOU put me up to this 
which makes me
hate you
hate myself
to push myself 
so far 
even if I didn’t fit in
tearing my skin 
for the thinnest mistake
for the thinnest line 
I cross against
the dreams of your
pure and mellow 
to dream.

Sorry for this fine life, you gave 
sorry for me living in it 
and sorry if I ever made you regret
for this is for 
my mother
is a silent 
woman enduring 
the sacrificial fire
just for our
promising hereafter
that makes me a 
Fox born to a Deer 
like you.



Memory, overflowing

~Thyba Fahry of Hillwood College, Kandy

I can forgive but not forget,
Can be trusted but not trust

And every now and then
I watch every unresolved conflict 
Every unforgotten sentence 
Every unforgiven act 
Come running back to me

And tear my peace into
shreds, take my sanity away and
Make me question every
Thing and everyone I’ve thought I’ve known 
And drown in the seas of my own anxieties 

What am I, if not a few many 
Horribly repressed memories
Carelessly glued together?



~Arjuni Rathnaveil of Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo

The volume of people
Who tell themselves lies
Do they really believe
Or just an act of relief?

But do people like these
Truly know what they do?
Their souls for hire
Yet they claim the good

Their devilish ways
Do bring some delight,
But lies are monochrome
And liars remain, liars,

Who are the greatest fools?
The ones lying in the mirror
The words of love,
Just confusion, abuse, misuse

Lives getting played with
We’re supposed to love
But we all fall, victims
Of those who lie

Whether it be ourselves
Who hides who we are,
Liars who lie about lies
Humiliating, yet we go on

We do have a spot in hell
So let no one teach you,
Let your downfall
Force your eyes open

To see the liar
You have always been
Let the mirror hear,
The truth just for once

The Circle of Eternity

~H.R.R. Nethya Senadhi of Mahamaya College, Kandy


Unfolded in a field of Dandelions
Like an ethereal silky attire of angels
You’ll leave as a pristine single seed
Gliding in the light breeze…
Through a long thoroughfare beyond the horizon
Various bees and butterflies to accompany with…

The Dandelion seed will dance day and night
Blowing in the wind with appealing butterflies
Saying “your mine and I’m yours”
Ineffable emotions filling the heart of yours…

In a moment of epiphany
Tell them from a whisper;
Who am I to hold you here?
Who are you to hold me here?
How could I be yours?
When I’m not the one who I belongs?

Then fly away with the wind
Where the seed meets the demise
For a new unfold, leaving its soul
To the circle of eternity
To demise and unfold…

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5 months ago

I love the way how ya’ll are improving day by day.💯 PLUS the poems are marvellous 🤩

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