The Hunger Games

Hunger Games is the first book of the popular novel series ‘The Hunger Games’ written by Suzanne Collins. This is an English book which comes under the genre ‘young adult fiction’ or ‘action. This book is a representation of Societal Inequality‘ & Division and Control. This engaging story is presented by a first person narrator in present tense which provides the readers the chance to live in the story.

The main character of this thrilling book is called ‘Katniss Everdeen’ who is a citizen of District 12. Districts are ruled by a capital city called ‘Panem’. The President of the capitol is ‘Coriolanus Snow who happens to be a heartless ruler’. Annually the capitol held an event called ‘the Hunger Games’. One girl and a boy from all the 12 districts are selected as tributes through a process called ’Reaping’ and are forced to compete in this severe game of killing each other till one tribute is left and becomes the victor of the game.
In the story, Katniss Everdeen was selected as the girl from District 12 to compete in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. How Katniss won the game together with Peeta Mellark in a very tactful way has been unfolded in the book ’Hunger Games’.
There are many scenes where I appreciate Katniss’s character.
A few of them can be listed as follows:

★ The way she volunteered as a tribute to protect her sister even when she could have stayed silent and let Prim (her sister) be a tribute.
★ In the games, the gentle way she treated Rue, the girl from District 11 considering her as her own sister, and the way she covered Rue’s dead body with flowers when she was killed by another tribute.
★ The instant reaction of Katniss shouting Peeta’s name once the game makers announced that this year, both girl and boy from the same district can be victors.
★ The way she searched for Peeta through the wood and saved his life.
★ The mind-blowing way Haymitch and Katniss communicated with each other without being slightly noticed by others.

Other scenes that caught my mind while reading this amazing book:
★ Peeta’s unconditional and trustworthy love toward Katniss.
★ The very responsible way Haymitch acted as the mentor of Katniss and Peeta while the game was on even though he was unconscious and drunk the rest of the time.
★ District 11 sends Katniss a loaf of bread once she has covered District 11 girl Rue’s body with flowers as an honour to her dead body.
★ Katniss deciding to eat poisonous nightlock berries with Peeta to suicide once the game makers announced that only one of them can be the victor of the game.

My favourite line in this book is “I’m more than just a piece in their Games.”

New words I found in the book “The Hunger Games” that will improve your vocabulary.

1. Tribute – something you say or give to show respect & admiration for something
2. Entrails – the inner organs of humans or animals
3. Supple – flexible
4. Deterrent – discouragement
5. Pelt – attack
6. Verve – energy/ enthusiasm
7. Apothecary – a person who prepares and sells medicines and drugs.
8. Teeming – be filled with
9. Scrawny – Very thin
10. Evade – escape/avoid
As in the book ‘May the odds be in your favour!’


Reviewed by: Himadi Hasanya, Mahamaya College, Kandy.

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