~Bram Stoker

Name of the book – Dracula
Author – Bram Stoker
Genre – Horror fiction

The Novel, Dracula, illustrates to us that what appears in front of one’s eyes is not invariably true. There are things that are out of the margine of realism.

Here is the astonishing story in a nutshell,
Johnathon Agard, an ordinary person, entered to noble count Dracula’s castle, in order to complete the paparwork of Dracula’s property in London. He managed to adjust his life there, in spite of the unusual things occurring around this castle. However, as soon as he learned that Dracula is not an ordinary person, but a vampire, he escaped from the castle and ran to his partner, Mina.

Meanwhile Mina also, along with her friend Lucy, was experiencing some bizarre things as well. Gradually, Lucy became a shrinking victim of Dracula. Mina would also reach her friend’s destination unless she was being rescued by Dr. Van Helsing. Ultimately with the immense support of Johnthon Harker, Mina Harker, Dr. John Seward, Arthur Holmwood, and Quincey Morris, Dr. Van Helsing was able to destroy Dracula.
This masterpiece of Bram Stoker draws an astounding but breathtaking memory in our minds through this character of Dracula.

Below are some new words that appeared in the book

Miasma-a heavy, foul-smelling vapour
Simoom- dusty wind
Subcutaneous – under the skin
Pell-mell – confusion or disorder
Hawser-a large rope
Astute – cunning
Ecstatic – very happy
Ample – sufficient
Caleche – a light horse-drawn carriage
Apropos – related to the matter at hand.

Reviewed by: Sakithma Senadheera, Mahamaya Girls’ College – Kandy

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