The amazing song ‘Viva La Vida’ was written and sung by the British rock band ‘Coldplay’ in the year 2008.

Awards received or nominated:
This song as well as the album it is in has won many awards such as Grammy Award for the Best Rock album in 2009, Juno Award for the International Album of the Year in 2009. Also this great song was nominated in many categories as well. In the GAFFA Awards Denmark in the year 2009, ‘Viva la Vida’ song was nominated in the category of ‘International Hit of the Year

This thought provoking song was inspired by a historical incident that happened during the French revolution. Its name which is ‘Viva la Vida Which means ‘Long live life’ in Spanish. It’s about a fallen king.
As soon as this great piece of music was published, it became a global sensation. Its melody caught millions of listeners’ hearts and the lyrics which were written under the theme of ‘power, fame & pursuit of success’ inviting listeners to reflect on their own aspirations and the impact they wish to leave behind.
At first what caught my attention was the melody of this song as this song was a little bit hard for me to understand at first because of the thought provoking way it was written. Later I listened to it with a great desire trying to give my own meaning to the lyrics.

My favourite verse is;

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringin’
Roman Cavalry choirs are singin’
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason, I can’t explain
Once you’d gone, there was never, never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

I hope you like this song too!

Below are some key words I caught in the song. I hope they will improve your Vocabulary:

1. Pillars: a tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal
2. Roman: Cavalry choir horse-mounted forces of the Roman army
3. Shattered pieces: to cause something to break into very small pieces
4. Revolutionaries: a person who engages in political revolution.
5. Wicked: playfully mischievous
6. Blew down: the removal of solids /liquids from a container/ pipe using pressure
7. Missionaries: a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country.
8. Shield: a broad piece of metal held by straps/ handle attached on one side that’s used for protection
9. Enemy: a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
10. Dice: A small cube with 6 different numbers on its 6 side

Reviewed by: Himadi Hasanya, Mahamaya College, Kandy.

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