The pursuit of
  • Happi
  • Happy

Director: Gabriele Muccino Released date: 15″ Dec 2006
Genre: Biography/Drama
Cast: Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Thandiwe Newton

This is the story of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman who tries to overcome his struggles and make a better future for his beloved son. This is an inspiring movie that has been rated 8.0 on IMDb ratings.

Although the word “happiness” in the title is deliberately misspelled just as it appears in graffiti in the movie, this movie is a great opportunity to learn pronunciation with reduction and linking. Also, I found these new words that might help you to improve your English vocabulary.

1. Acquaintances (someone you know but not a close friend)
2. Earnestness (quality of being serious and sincere)
3. Diligence (quality of being thorough, careful, and consistently working hard)
4. Excel (above average)
5. Period (full-stop/end of story)

In my personal opinion, I think this movie gives us a great life lesson as we always tend to give up on certain things unless we have the opportunity. We must work hard to achieve our goals instead of thinking about the things that we don’t have. After watching this movie try to find out the reason why the title is misspelled in this movie, you’ll find some interesting answers to that.

Reviewed by H.R.R Nethya Senadhi, Mahamaya Girls’ College – Kandy

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